Foldable Ultralight Picnic Mat

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This foldable beach mat is lightweight, when you fold it up and put it into the storage bag, you can save space and it can be placed inside your car, making it simple and convenient for everyone to carry it anywhere!

This mat is made of strong polyester fabric which is durable and breathable. This material can prevent water effectively, so you can wipe off all the water easily. This blanket is sand proof, which means you can easily get rid of sand or other debris by shaking it.

It is also machine washable, so you can clean it with ease when it gets dirty.

This is a multi-functional beach blanket. Besides the beach, you can use it as a travelling blanket or a picnic blanket when you need it. For some harsh weather, it could be used as a rain shelter, since it made by waterproof polyester. Moreover, you can use it as a play mat for your children in your house. They can scatter their toys in the mat and play with it inside.

The beach mat is equipped with 4 fixed anchors stakes, so you don't have to worry about the beach mat being disturbed by wind and sand, and can enjoy a more enjoyable day at the beach.



Material: Polyester

Color: Blue and Orange

Size: 275 × 245cm


Pack list

1 x Beach Mat

4 x Anchor Stakes

1 x Storage Bag